Advance Health clinicians provide assessment and treatment to individuals with difficulty managing everyday life stressors, psychological disorders, and problems coping due to physical illness or injury.

  • Are you overwhelmed with persistent sadness, hopelessness, or loneliness?
  • Do you have difficulty finding fulfillment in an important relationship?
  • Are you having problems coping due a traumatic event, personal loss, or illness?
  • Do you struggle to control anxiety, behavior, or unwanted habits?

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photo of Karen Redhill-Feinstein

Karen Redhill-Feinstein

I work with adults of all ages from late teens onwards, on many issues such as depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship difficulties, lack of self-esteem and workplace problems.

photo of Dr. Iara Da Costa

Dr. Iara Da Costa

I see the incredible strength and resilience people have in the face of hardships. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help them find power in vulnerability and opportunities for growth in moments of crisis and loss.

photo of Dr. Lisa Vettese

Dr. Lisa Vettese

I assist with crises, life transitions, career uncertainty, self-esteem, intimacy concerns, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addictions, personality disorders and self-harm

photo of Dr. Ralph Lubbers

Dr. Ralph Lubbers

I provide assessment and treatment for psychological disability, trauma-related injury, and cognitive / academic / psychovocational functioning within private practice and rehabilitation contexts, and for medical-legal purposes.

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