Lap Data Files

Here are data files you can download for comparing against your own laps.

In order for you to able to compare laps the start/finish marker must be the same for both sets of data. For the Aim this is generally not a problem since track start/finish is aready built into the system for most track. That is except for the Ridge. It does not have the start/finish built in yet. So for the Ridge you’ll need to add a new track start/finish to the system as instructed here. For the Z06 PDR it doesn’t automatically remember start/finish for multiple tracks automatically. But you can do it manually as described here.

Z06 - Stock C7 Z06, Level 2 Aero, Pilot Super Sport tires

Exige - Stock Exige S 240, Track Package option, Spec Lotus Yokohama tire

Pacific Raceways

Ridge Motorsports Park - 2014 configuration

Laguna Seca