How the start/finish point is saved on the C7 Z06 PDR

The C7 Z06 has a built in data acquisition system called the Performance Data Recorder (PDR). In order to capture lap times you must set the start/finish point for the track you are at manually. The systems does not automatically know these like say the Aim Solo does. Also it only remember one track start/finish at a time. If you erase your SD card it will even forget that one track start/finish.

This causes a number of problems:

  • In order to compare laps times from one lap to a reference lap the start/finish must be the same.
  • If you set a different start/finish on different days then you can’t compare across date from different days.
  • Same problem if you want to compare one car to another. You can’t because the start/finish will differ between the two cars.

Luckily this can be fixed with some manual shuffling and renaming of files on the SD card. The start/finish for a track is stored on the SD card in a file named “.map.gpx”. If you just keep a version of this for each track that you go to and move the appropriate one onto the SD card you can have a consistent start/finish. You can also do the same thing across multiple cars.

If you go to my Lap Data Files page you’ll see that I have posted start/finish files for all the tracks I’ve been to. If you have a Z06 PDR then you can download these, rename them to “.map.gpx” and put them on your SD card and now we can all compare data against each other.

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