Cantrell Motorsports Track Days

One of the reasons I’ve resurrected this blog is because I’ll be doing data support at all of the Cantrell Motorsports local track days this year. I’ll be using this blog to talk about the ways I use data to help a driver go faster. That way you can learn to do it yourself as well.

The current list of track days are:

  • Friday May 8th Ridge Motorsports Park
  • Wednesday May 20th Pacific Raceways 9am-9pm with twilight lapping.
  • Friday July 3rd Ridge Motorsports Park
  • Wednesday July 29th Pacific Raceways 9am to 9pm with twilight lapping.
  • Friday August 28th Ridge Motorsports Park
  • Saturday & Sunday October 3rd and 4th Ridge Motorsports Park

See you at the track, bring your Aim, CMS Lap Timer or whatever and we’ll figure out how to make you faster.

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