How to setup track start/finish for the Ridge on your Aim Solo

When using the Aim Solo most of the time the start/finish point for a track is already built into the system. So all you have to do is turn it on and drive. Unfortunately the start/finish for the Ridge Motorsports Park is not already included. So if you want to use your Aim Solo there you will need to set your own start/finish. You can certainly set your own by walking out to start/finish with the Aim and setting it. But instead if you follow the procedure I list below and use the start/finish that I created then we can all overlay and compare data against each other. You can’t do that unless the start/finish for a track is the same for all data captured.

The first thing you’ll need is that start/finish file which you can get from here. Next you need to start GPS Manager which is one of the Race Studio applications. Now plug in your Aim via USB. The list of tracks it already knows about should show up on the left of the screen. Now click the Import button and select the start/finish file you just downloaded. You should now see “Ridge Motorsports P” on the left side of the screen which means you have it installed to GPS Manager. Now you need to move it to the Aim. Select the Ridge from the left hand list, it should now show up checked. Now click the Arrow that points to the right to move the track to the Aim. If you scroll through your right hand list it should show up there now. That’s it. You can shut things down and disconnect.

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